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Antenatal and Birthing Course Descriptions

Prepare for the birth of your baby with our specially tailored antenatal and birthing courses, offered either as evening classes or in a one day intensive course, in and around Maidstone and Malling in Kent, to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to plan for the later stages of pregnancy and your transition into parenthood.  

Best time to book on a course would be from 24 weeks onwards.    

Who To Bring With You? 

The course welcomes you to bring your partner, birth partner, family member, friend or feel free to come alone, we look forward to meeting you all.

Course Content

As we actively encourage interaction and discussion, our content may vary slightly, so it can be adapted to the needs/ wants of attendees.   Below is an idea of all the topics covered;

  • Who to call, what to taken, where to go and when

  • Latent phase of labour

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd stages of labour

  • Positions in labour

  • Pain relief options

  • Birth plans

  • Waterbirth

  • Complications such as instrumental, operative deliveries

  • Elective cesarean choices

  • Perineal trauma and repair

  • All feeding options- breast, formula, expressing

  • Baby care

  • Managing expectations for a better birth experience

  • And so much more.....

                           All antenatal courses cost £185 and cover two people to attend.  

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