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"Thank you both for such a wonderful first antenatal class, you made us feel so welcome and relaxed!   You are both so lovely & welcoming and if I could pick you to be my midwives.... 1 million percent I would!" 



"You ladies are amazing!  Thank you for all the information and helping us become more confident to welcome our baby girl! 

Lauren and Dan


"Sam and Gemma made the sessions really engaging and informative.  The information was spot on and no question was too silly!"



The sessions have been fun and enjoyable.  Gemma and Sam have been very entertaining"

Tom nd Kristelle


"Great course, we loved every second and would return for a second child as all info is needed.  Thank you Gemma and Sam!"


"You guys were brilliant!  We've been recommending you to everyone!  It was everything we were hoping for and more and you've made us both feel more confident in general with pre and post baby"


Birth Announcements

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